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The Vending Machine Diet

Let me warn you, this is not an article about losing weight with vending machines. This is about making the best use of vending machines when you are either constantly on the go, an active student or a busy employee.  The pace of everyday life is a lot different than 60 years ago when people had three meals a day.  Most people skip breakfast, barely eat a nutritious lunch and may or may not have fast food for dinner.  This is not the best way to engage your body and many people realize it.

To counteract this millennium lifestyle, many people are utilizing their available resources.  For example, some people go to a nearby gym before or after work, some people have healthy food delivered to their home and some people seek ways to maxmize their personal health and body image goals while they are at the place where they spend the second most time, per week, outside of their home – their place of employment.

People spend anywhere from 40 hours to 60 hours per week at work, and that does not include commute time.  Research has shown that sedentary work environments combined with poor nutrition and rest is a bad combination for an individual’s health.

Healthy vending machines at the workplace have demonstrated to be a beneficial contributor for helping employees reduce their calorie, fat and sugar intake per serving of a healthy food or beverage.  An individual who attempts to eat healthy on a regular basis creates a their own version of  a “vending machine diet” when they work for a company that offers healthy vending options.  People who are struggling to eat healthy are just as appreciative because they realize that they can take advantage of the opportunity to consume healthy foods and beverages while they are at work.

<h2>When you need a quick snack or a lunch meal use that opportunity to consider a healthy option, such as a bar that is sugar-free, or chips made from vegetables.</h2>

The vending diet is one that people who stay in the office or on the go many hours a day are use to.  These same people can also inform you of how eating one too many of your favorite chocolate cookies can have varying effects that range from poor dental health, indigestion, weight-gain and poor skin health.  Everyone is different!  However, for the vast majority of us, eating sweet pastries and chewing gummy candy does not contribute to positive, overall health.

Many large and small industries are trying to lighten the burden on the medical industry and on society as a whole by implementing change, such as replacing soda machines with healthier, juice-based vending machines.

The more we do to encourage an atmosphere of general, health awareness the better our society will function.  A healthy body and mind work hand in hand.  Data has shown that healthy school meals correlate with better academic performance and general behavior.

If you would like to see a healthy or combo vending machine in your area, please contact us and we will start the process of delivering, installing, re-stocking and maintaining a vending machine for you for free.


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