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We will deliver and routinely re-stock your Free Vending Machine for your venue, school or business. We offer the latest in healthy vending machine options and we carry a variety of vending machine products to fit all snack, beverage, combo and entree needs. Our vending machines accept cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and more

All Of Our High-Tech Vending Machines Meet ADA Requirements
We are fully insured for your confidence

Commercial vending machines are still very much profitable — they guarantee a 100 percent return on investment within the first18 months of installation. The average food vending machine earns a minimum of $35 per week in Suffolk County, but a snack vending machine placed in a high-traffic location, that remains well-stocked, is capable of generating more than $400 per month!

At Vending Easy, there are multiple options, including candy vending machines, chip vending machines, and coke vending machines, all of which are incredibly low maintenance!But regardless of whichever commercial vending machine you choose, what matters is where you decide to place your corporate vending machine to make maximum profits. For example, a hospital vending machine stacked with popular snacks is likely to earn the extra buck as patients stay waiting for their turn for the doctor to see them.

Vending Easy is your local vending machine supplier in Suffolk County with the most extensive selection of cafeteria vending machines that have been incorporated with the newest technology, such as interactive screens, credit card functionality, and voice accessibility.We also have combo vending machine offers — for example, a lobby vending machine doubling up as a beverage vending machine is a formula for success!

With Vending Easy, you’ll always be dedicating the right amount of investments into vending machine tools to help your business in Suffolk County run more smoothly. Our vending solutions for commercial vending machines encourage people to make healthier choices, to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our cafeteria vending machines are an easy solution to keep your employees fed and happy without challenging their lifestyle goals. Moreover, with an all-in-one approach, Vending Easy vending machines might just allow you to escape the extra wages you’d have to pay to the cafeteria staff. Sounds like a win-win to us!

We bring vending to businesses and facilities in the NYC Tri-State area and Long Island.

...All at no cost to you!!!

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All of our vending machines meet ADA requirements.


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We are a New York City Vending Company that delivers and supplies Free High-Tech Vending Machines with your choice of snack, beverage and meal options. If you want to receive more information, you can call or email us today!.

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Our Free Vending Machines are delivered and installed in your office, school, gym or other location. We monitor each vending product so that we know when to return and refill the vending machine without you contacting us.

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For decades, snack machines have been the home of chocolate bars, sugar-filled candies, and sodas.   We aim to help New Yorkers snack smarter with a large selection of Healthy Vending Food and Drinks with reduced sodium, sugar, and fat.

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