99% of people wake up and ask


Can I be healthier


Health is Wealth

Many employees and consumers are seeking healthy options in the marketplace.  Healthy Vending Machines are perfect for NYC schools, gyms, recreational facilities, stadiums and more. We will deliver one or more healthy vending machines to your business and install, continuously re-stock and service them for free.

Employees and patrons appreciate when you provide them with healthy vending choices


Employers benefit from employees and patrons who appreciate a healthy snack. It builds morale and promotes good health.

NYC & LI We Deliver Install, Service and Stock
Healthy Vending Machines for Free.


Healthy Snacks Include: Organic, Non-GMO, Fat Free, Sugar-Free, No Additives or Preservatives, Low Calories, No trans-fat and more

Workplace Benefits

Employers benefit from staff who are in general good health. Medical studies have shown that food high in nutrients and low in preservatives and additives contribute to a healthy society. Businesses can offer employees foods and beverages than energize them and not make them tired or unproductive.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers are becoming more aware of the effects that food and beverages have on their health. The internet has empowered many people to either change or maintain a healthy diet. Healthy vending options enable business owners to service their customers’ and employees’ with their health in mind.

Personal Health

With the rise of certain diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes people are seeking healthy alternatives in their daily lives. Healthy vending machines can contribute to healthy employees and to the general overall public by offeing products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Beverages

Sugar-loaded beverages are being overlooked, more frequently, for healthier choices. Our selection of no-sugar added drinks and delicious, vitamin-rich brands are made to provide energy and not deplete it. More people are ignoring sodas and sugar-based fruit juices for healthier alternatives.

Healthy Vending Choices

People in the workplace are gravitating toward a lifestyle that counteracts a work environment that inhibits mobility, such as a desk job. Data is demonstrating that movement and healthy food intake can go a long way. Healthy vending machines promote a lifestyle of balanced and sustained health.

Healthy Products

We offer healthy choices that are made from natural, organic and NON-GMO Project verified processing. We also offer sugar-free, low/no sodium products, fat-free foods and items without high-fructose corn syrup. We also provide products without artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives and trans-fat.

Our wide selection of vending snacks, beverages and meals will contribute to the overall productivity of your business. We work hard to fullfill our customers’ needs with quality service and care



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Our Free Vending Machines are delivered and installed in your office, school, gym or other location. We monitor each vending product so that we know when to return and refill the vending machine without you contacting us.

Healthy Vending Machines

For decades, snack machines have been the home of chocolate bars, sugar-filled candies, and sodas.   We aim to help New Yorkers snack smarter with a large selection of Healthy Vending Food and Drinks with reduced sodium, sugar, and fat.

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