Promote Healthy Habits in Suffolk County At
No Cost to Your Company with Vending Services from Vending Easy!

Are your employees tired of boring vending machines services at work?
Do you want to offer them healthy, natural, or low-calorie food and beverage options? Our Healthy Vending Machines in Suffolk County provide premium snacks and beverages with low sodium, fat, and calories. We stock your Free Vending Machines with brands that you know and trust.


Our wide selection of vending snacks, beverages, and meals will contribute to the overall productivity of your business. We work hard to fulfill our customers ‘needs with quality vending machine service and care in Suffolk County.


Benefits of Our Vending Services

People are generally becoming more health-conscious, so they are actively looking for healthier snack and drink options in the workplace. Vending Easy can provide your employees and customers with the healthy and delicious snacks, drinks, and meals that they crave in Suffolk County.

Smartphone Payment Technology

Go above and beyond offering your customers the ability to pay with their credit/debit cards. Now they can pay for their purchases with a simple tap of their smartphone-including Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other applications.

eManageâ„¢ Vending Management Software

Streamline the operation of your vending business with this proprietary software created specifically for HealthyYOU Vending Operators.

DEX & Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM)

Take the guesswork out of your business by being able to monitor and manage sales, profit margins, inventory, etc.


The use of food and beverages produced without the use of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides.


containing relatively fewer calories than comparable foods, diets, etc. Vitamin D levels in the body at the start of a low-calorie diet predict weight loss success.


Denoting or relating to food or a diet that is low or relatively low in fat, especially saturated fat.

MediaLinkâ„¢ Digital Display Package

Utilizing our optional MediaLink™Digital Display Package, you’ll stop people cold in their tracks with the 7†LCD screen that’s strategically positioned on the machine to attract more eyeballs.

Eco-Friendly Engineering

Incorporates a smaller, more energy efficient compressor and fan motor (cooling system) resulting in lower energy costs and less pollution. Enhanced insulation results in more off-time for compressor and motor – using less energy and extending the life of these parts. A more efficient LED lighting system also keeps products just as visible but with lower energy usage!


Healthy Snacks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Entrées* & Healthy Side Dishes* – Selections: 21 Snack Selections; 8 Drink Selections; 16 Entrée & Side Dish* Selections. Capacity: up to 337 Healthy Snacks and Drinks | Up to 80 Entrées & Side Dishes* (*With Optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor)


Food prepared according to Orthodox Jewish law. Kosher rating is an internationally accepted symbol of purity and quality that is recognized throughout the world.


A gluten-free diet is the only option for people with celiac disease, a severe gluten intolerance. … Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Low Carb

Low-carb products are low in carbohydrates, primarily found in sugary foods, pasta and bread.


Top Sellers Under Vending Machine Service.

Vending Easy fits the needs of employees, customers, and companies in Suffolk County. Our vending services offer products that everyone will love. Our goal is to help New Yorkers snack smarter with a unique variety of traditional and healthy foods and drinks.

16oz Poland Spring Water Vending Machines New York Long Island
Kind Almond Cashew Vending Machines New York Long Island
    Coca Cola Vending Easy Vending Machines New York Long Island
    skinny  Vending Easy Vending Machines New York Long Island

      Healthier snacks outsell traditional snack foods


      of vending machine sales were for cold drinks


      Vending machines average billions a year in sales


      60-Day Free Trial Basis! There is no cost to your company!



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      We bring vending to businesses and facilities in the NYC Tri-State area and Long Island.

      ...All at no cost to you!!!

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      All of our vending machines meet ADA requirements.


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      Our Free Vending Machines are delivered and installed in your office, school, gym or other location. We monitor each vending product so that we know when to return and refill the vending machine without you contacting us.

      Healthy Vending Machines

      For decades, snack machines have been the home of chocolate bars, sugar-filled candies, and sodas.   We aim to help New Yorkers snack smarter with a large selection of Healthy Vending Food and Drinks with reduced sodium, sugar, and fat.

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